Las peñas:

Córdoba has more than twenty peñas flamencas. In addition to attending many of their shows and events, I participated in tertulias in many of them and performed in several. Here are some pictures or other links from some of them.

La Cátedra de Flamencología

The press:

Both daily newspapers publiched articles about me and I was the subeject of a half-hour television interview on the local station, Onda Mezquita. Below are links to the newspaper stoies. I present them with the caveat that it seems you can tell a jounalist whatever you want , and he will write whatever he likes. What is here is what was published and does not necessarily reflect what I told the writer.

Los peroles:

A day in the country with plenty of good food and drink is a pleasure much savored by los cordobeses. Here are some pictures from a few that I enjoyed.

Semana Santa

Semana Santa is celebrated with passion in Córdoba. Processions and the throngs that come to see them fill the streets. The art of the saeta, the plaintive songs addressed to the figures represented on the floats, is highly cultivated, and there are several styles indigenous to the region. Here I accompany Rafael in an unusual style of saeta por siguiriya.

XVII Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco

This important contest took palce while I was there. The two weeks of its progress was an intense flamenco expeience.